The L.A. Premiere of Air Sex: The Movie

Last weekend the team behind Air Sex: The Movie went to Los Angeles for the first West Coast screening of our film. I opened the screening with a demonstration then after the film Brock Laborde (producer), Jonathan Evans (director) joined me on stage for a Q&A.


An elderly couple left in the middle presumably because of the subject matter. But they recognized me on the way out and told me how much they enjoyed the concept and that they want to see the show live. I like to think they couldn’t wait any longer to have actual sex. This was a nice reminder to not assume the art you’re making is only for a certain demographic.

The Q&A went about 10 minutes but we had another 60 in us. I think we have talked about Air Sex so much in various phone interviews that having an audience acknowledging our answers in real time was a treat. Q&A All Day, baby.

You can watch Air Sex: The Movie right this second right here: Air Sex: The Movie